Hoglite Swing Arm (FXR)

Hoglite Swing Arm (FXR)

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Engineered for High Torque and High Horse Power Engines

Manufactured from 6061 T6 Air Craft Aluminum

Interior swingarm width measures 10 1/4" at the axle

Accepts aftermarket Rear wheel up to 6.25 wide

Will not work with OEM rear brake assembly; aftermarket brake setup is required
(brake arm & mounting tab included) 

Choose from 3/4", 25mm, 1" or 28mm axle and blocks

Includes 5/8” and 3/4” pivot shaft bushings

Optional Air Tank, Brake System, Nos Bottle and  Spherical Bearings

Can be extended or modified based on clients specifications

Made in USA

comes with your choice of 3/4", 1" or 25mm Rear axle

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